The Interactive Piggy Chart is a tool specifically created for the Pigrolac MamaPro and Early Wean users as guide for a more efficient daily feeding and scheduling. It helps the swine raiser promptly foresee the expected schedule for each sow without the hassle of time computation. Proper scheduling is very important to minimize stress in pregnant sows and prevent stillbirths. As reference, the outermost circle contains dates throughout the year (date circle).

The inner circle (feed circle) is divided into parts corresponding to the average duration of each stage in swine raising from the sow's dry period, gestation, and lactation until the piglets reach the pre-starter stage.

Each division includes the type of feed needed as well as the amount.

How to use the Interactive Piggy Chart

Simply click on the feed circle and turn it according to the date on the sow's schedule. Kindly take note that actual farrowing dates and dry periods vary from sow to sow and updating of schedule is necessary.