Doc Ariel Answers: FAQs on Animal Nutrition
POSTED: September 30, 2010

By Ariel B. Carlos, PhD


1. Do piglets really need to be given booster feed? Kailangan bang mabigyan ng booster na pakain ang mga biik?

Yes, to build up the foundation of the piglet and give it a good headstart. A good start translates to extra weight during weaning which is magnified at harvest time. Plus, this helps the sow during the later part of lactation so as not to deplete her reserves further.


2. Is piglet diarrhea due to excessive milk production and intake possible? Totoo bang nagkakaroon ng pagtatae sa mga biik dahil sa sobrang produksyon ng gatas?

Yes, scouring may occur when piglets consume too high levels of milk, however, this is not very common. This is classified under "nutritional scours". Although this may be considered an extreme because nutritional scours are most likely caused by "sudden feed engorgement" during early introduction to solid feed and towards end of lactation and/or at weaning.


3. What should be added to diets of piglets with weak legs? Ano bang dapat ipakain sa mga biik na mahina ang mga paa at madaling mamilay?

There are 3 major nutrients that will influence bone integrity and and growth. These are Vitamin D, Calcium and Phosphorus. A diet high in milk and animal by-products can provide sufficient levels of all 3 nutrients and of course make sure that the diets being fed have adequate levels of all required vitamins and trace minerals.


4. How do I know if the scouring is due to the feed? Paano malalaman na ang pagtatae ay dahil sa pagkain?

The consistency and physical attributes of the feces can be used as an indication to determine if the scours are nutritional or bacterial in nature. Scours that are almost with the consistency and color of milk are almost always due to nutritional causes. Feces with di!erent consistencies, color and smell will most likely be due to other reasons (probably bacterial).


5. Is it ok to add rice bran to the complete feeds especially during grower-finisher stages? Ayos lang ba na magdagdag ng darak sa complete feeds lalo na sa growerfinisher stage?

For fast-growing pigs that are expected to perform at high levels, it is not recommended to "dilute" the feed with a byproduct like rice bran because this will reduce the level of total nutrients and may cause poorer growth rates and FCR. The addition of rice bran can actually cause an imbalance of some nutrients and reduce digestibility of the feed.


6. Which is more recommended? Ad libitum or controlled feeding? Alin ang mas rekomendado? Ad libitum o kontroladong pagpapakain?

Ad libitum during early growing from post-weaning to finishing stages will maximize growth. However, if genetics is not very good, controlled feeding can be done during the finisher stage to control backfat thickness especially if the pigs are grown beyond 90 kgs.


7. Is it necessary to give finisher diet during the later stages or is grower diet enough already? Sa huling stage kailangan ba talagang mag-finisher o kahit grower ba ay ok na?

Depending on hog market prices and the pressure to market fattener pigs, a decision can be made to do straight grower feed until market. However, under regular market conditions, a finisher diet is recommended for cost e!ectivity. For more specific herd management (e.g., separate sex feeding), the gilts can be fed straight grower feed until harvest so that their growth will catch up with the males. For the males, a growerfinisher diet will be most practical.


8. Which is better, mash or pelleted feeds? Alin ang mas maayos na pakain? Mash o pelleted?

Pellets and crumbles because they are sanitized, partially pre-digested, and more cost-e!ective resulting to better FCR due to lesser feed wastage.




  1. China S Calamaan says:

    yung inahing baboy po mfter naiwalay parang ngkaroon ng athritis sa legs nya sa likod..hindi sya makatayo ng matagal...palagi syang humihiga kasi di nya mkyang tumayo..ano po bang gamot dyan?

    August 14, 2013 | 02:08PM

  2. John Martin Cayanan says:

    yung akin po inahin na baboy. hindi na siya nag heat after maiwalay yung mga anak niya. mamapro developer po pinapakain ko 2 months na po siyang dry period. help naman po.

    October 06, 2010 | 07:10PM

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